“The superb musicianship and flexible virtuosity Lori Sims reveals both in recital and in her off-the-cuff masterclass keyboard demonstrations manifest themselves throughout this release. She captures the Copland Variations’ stark and stern idiom with wide dynamic contrasts and strong rhythmic focus. By contrast, Sims positively devours the Barber Sonata, yet is smart enough to remember to chew well and savour the music when appropriate, such as in her straightforward and well-sustained Adagio mesto. Her perky, characterfully accented Fugue and delightfully leggiero Scherzo count among the best on disc, while the Allegro energico’s opening pages have rarely conveyed such a combination of ferocity and longing.”

Jed Distler, Gramophone, June 2013
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“American pianist Lori Sims…brings all her expertise to bear on the present program of American Classics. That includes her feeling for the style, rhythm, and contour of the music she plays, and especially the utter precision with which she sounds each note cleanly and with the utmost clarity.”

The Audio Video Club of Atlanta, May, 2013
Phil’s Classical Reviews

“Sims, so to speak, hits it out of the park. This is a very special, wide-ranging performance that emphasizes both the work’s mysticism and lyricism…Sims is truly in her element here. Her delicate touch, nuanced phrasing and expert pedaling make these memorable.”

Scott Morrison,, Feb 15, 2013
Thoughtful and Effective Performances of American Piano Masterpieces

“Sims’s energy is exceptional – a rare gift.”

The Citizen, January 23, 2013
Lori Sims – Beethoven, R Schumann, C Schumann, Rachmaninoff

“Ms. Sims gave an extremely taut, precise, and intelligent performance of Copland’s Piano Variations. With an energy that suggested she was spring-loaded, she brought the work electricity and clarity…The Barber Sonata, showing not a trace of fatigue, was sure-fire…the truly indelible impression was made on this listener by the twentieth-century works. Ms. Sims showed that she has a rare gift for bringing audiences closer to these works, and it is a gift that should continue taking her to new musical heights.”

Zankel Hall at Carnegie Hall; New York, NY
New York Concert Review, May 7, 2011
Lori Sims, Pianist in Review

“The technique is big and powerful…but capable of considerable delicacy as well. Ms. Sims’s phrases make sense…there is never a hint of the self-aggrandizing effect or the superfluous musical gesture.”

Bernard Holland , The New York Times, September 20, 2000
MUSIC REVIEW; A Teacher Shows Herself to Be a Thoughtful Student, Too

“Lori Sims commanded total attention as she ruled supreme…she is one of those rare pianists who can be called an artist. She gave an electrifying performance.”

Jeff Manookian, The Salt Lake Tribune, May 3, 1999

 ”…the audience erupted in a storm of cheers and outcries that went on and on…it was a wow of a performance on Sims’s part. She masterfully controlled the pace and intensity of her playing, from the lyrical passages to the outpourings of volley and thunder…”

John Frayne, The News-Gazette (Urbana, IL), January 21, 2002

“(Her) performance was stunning. Sims played passionately. And as the concluding applause arose, the afternoon seemed brighter…”

William R. Wood, Kalamazoo Gazette, May 5, 2000

“Lori Sims…added to her growing number of…fans…She exhibited a flawless, controlled technique …(Her) solo runs, particularly chromatics, were crystalline…”

C. J. Gianakaris, Kalamazoo Gazette, January 29, 2000

“…Ms. Sims had the opportunity to demonstrate her well-polished piano technique and musical sensitivity. She met the challenge, dazzling us all with her emotional expression, her musicianship, her poignant intensity, and her technical finesse. Her fingers were always sure…a blur racing up and down the keyboard.”

Georgia Pampel, Music Critic, Rock River Times, (Rockford, IL), November 24-30, 1999

  “Before the echoes of the final sounds had dissipated, an electrified audience rose to a rousing ovation intermingled with shouts of ‘bravo.’ Not only was Sims’s artistic ability obvious, but so was her physical strength and ability in performing…”

Nat Bauer, Rockford Register Star, November 22, 1999

“For anyone unfamiliar with the violin sonatas of William Bolcom, or who has heard them but do not own this particular recording, stop what you’re doing and buy it. Violinist Renata Artman Knific and pianist Lori Sims offer an astonishingly commanding and engaging performance of the “Second,” “Third,” and “Fourth” sonatas …. This CD is absolutely a necessary addition to virtually any collection and is recommended without reservation.”

Mike D. Brownell, All Music Guide
Review of William Bolcom: Works for Violin and Piano

“Lori Sims, a Colorado native and recipient of many prestigious awards for her piano performance, showed her effervescent personality in this workshop. She outlined the “why” and “how” to bring originality into a performance. Every student is different and Lori feels each performance can also show individuality. Lori encourages experimentation as the student plans a performance, setting a mood through body language. Lori requires each performer she prepares to tell a story through the music that will engage every audience member in the story.

At the Master Class, Lori reinforced the ideas expounded on in this workshop as she worked with three advanced students. It was great to see how she used her skills to help these students in their performance. Lori certainly “practiced what she preached” at the Friday evening concert. Her performance was incredibly memorable as she bounced off the piano bench in her exuberance to ‘tell the story.’”

Colorado Music Teacher’s Convention in June of 2004